Impressive Results

“That’s enough talk about me. Let’s talk about you… What do you think of me?”


~Bette Midler in Beaches


“Lowell has a special talent for getting involved in big issues related to both business operations and inter-personal development. His specialty is helping CEO’s ensure they have a meaningful mission, a fired up organization and an optimized executive team. If it’s not all running like a well oiled machine then Lowell is there with the WD-40! And when it comes to being a sounding board for ideas big and small Lowell is a CEO’s BS detector with a direct yet human style.”

In my opinion:  Personable, High Integrity, Creative

~Rick Rudman

Chairman and CEO, Vocus, Inc.

(Hired Lowell as a Coach in 2009)


“I recommend you consider Lowell as a coach for executives in challenging roles, and especially for coaching your entire team on working better together. I have known Lowell for more than 10 years, first professionally, then later in a Vistage chair role, and most recently as a coach or consultant for my executive team. This last experience was very rewarding for the team, hence this recommendation. Lowell led a series of discussions and meetings designed to help my executive team understand each other better, understand themselves, and identify actions and changes they can make to improve their experience and results in working together. We had been working together for a long time and had highly productive relationships, but there were a few sources of tension that I knew were holding us back, which I hoped Lowell could help us address. At the same time, I was concerned that my management team would be uninterested or skeptical of the experience, and true to form, they were at the beginning. Lowell took charge of this process, had a format and a series of individual and group meetings that led to a series of recommendations for each executive. He followed up with each of us and helped us implement those recommendations. Now, some months later, many of his suggestions have been integrated into our work style, and every member of the executive team can point back at the value that they got from this exercise. On the strength of this experience, I can recommend Lowell as an individual or team coach that will help your productive team become more productive and have a better working experience.”

In my opinion: Great Results, Personable, Expert

 ~Reid Lewis

Co-Chair at Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network & CEO at Group Logic, Inc.

(Hired Lowell (more than once) as a Business Consultant in 2009)


“Lowell coaches CEOs from a “whole person” perspective which really works for me. Plus, he truly cares about you so his critical feedback comes from a sincere place, not a critical place. These attributes make him effective as an executive coach.”

In my opinion: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

~Rose Wang

Board Member at Women In Technology

President & CEO at Binary Group, Inc.

(Hired Lowell as a Executive Coach in 2007)


“Working with Lowell was a rewarding experience. His coaching style led me to several break-throughs that were very empowering. At the beginning of the process, Lowell and I took stock of current projects, both professional and personal. We got a clear view of the obstacles that might get in the way of success and planned around them. As we talked through specific aspects of the goal, several new creative ideas emerged that made being successful that much more rewarding. We hit the goal with a bigger bang than either of us anticipated. Lowell’s coaching was the difference. It worked in a big way!”

In my opinion: Great Results, Personable, Creative

~Dan Waldschmidt

Technology Evangelist at GNOSO Inc.

(Hired Lowell as a Executive Coach in 2009)


“Some people are natural coaches and facilitators. Lowell Nerenberg is such a person. With his extensive management background, his measured approach, and his inclination to help, Lowell is in the perfect position, and he excels at it. If you are a CEO and you need that extra dimension, give Lowell a call. You’ll add that dimension and more.”

~Mark Amtower

Partner at Amtower & Company

(Worked with Lowell at Vistage Int’l (formerly TEC))


“My experience with Lowell is one that has taken shape in many facets of my professional and personal life. Lowell served in the capacity of chairman of my Vistage CEO group for over a year and a half. In that time, he consistently facilitated our monthly meetings by engaging each member to explore fresh perspectives on the wide variety of issues facing us as leaders of our respective businesses. His enthusiasm and candor were critical components of those explorations. I consider Lowell to be an important part of my transformation as a business leader and we continue discussions on professional and personal aspects of my life today.”

In my opinion: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

~Mike Mosel

(Hired Lowell as a Executive Leadership Coach in 2007)


“Lowell is an executive coach of extraordinary humor, creativity, and insight. The immense commitment for client growth and satisfaction he brings to every interaction is arresting, while his kind and compassionate manner relieves all tension. Lowell’s clients, colleagues, and friends can rely on him for integrity, support, and results.”

~Tony Mayo

Executive Coach at MayoGenuine

Group Chair at Vistage (formerly TEC International)

(Worked directly with Lowell at Vistage International)


“Lowell is an outstanding mentor for CEOs that seek to gain insight and introspect into their own thought process and are ready, willing and able to become not only self-aware but execute on his CEO-Grade recommendations. I highly recommend him as an experienced executive coach to any president, ceo, or key manager in need of strategic training on or off-line. He is the real deal.”

In my opinion: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

~Gal Borenstein

CEO & Founder at The Borenstein Group, Inc.

(Hired Lowell (more than once) as a Business Consultant in 2007)


“Lowell as the Chairman of our CEO group has a great grounding effect. He listens to people which allows him to hear what most do not. He is methodical and calculated and his insightful approach provides not only a comfortable environment but also encourages people to share their innermost thoughts. And that is where the rubber hits the road with our group. Often times he has gotten those around him to think ‘outside the box’ encouraging a greater positive outcome.”

~Kelly Campbell, CFP

Author of “Fire Your Broker,” published 7/09 River Front Press

CEO / Wealth Manager at Campbell Wealth Management

(Worked directly with Lowell at Vistage Int’l (formerly TEC))