Why a Coach?

Why might you need a coach? Good question >>

Many executives go it alone with occasional conversations with trusted friends when they have a sticky problem. Not a bad idea. At least they know that they don’t know it all. But do they write up a success plan with their friend? Who helps them stay on track? Who intervenes when they get stuck? Who presses them to go on? Usually no one.

Even the most successful executives have ideas they’ve been thinking about implementing. They drag around limiting beliefs – both unconscious and conscious, “insurmountable” blocks, and self-defeating habits which hold them back. Many successful CEOs benefit from an ongoing contract with an executive coach.

My job is to make a powerful, sustainable difference in your life, in a way that you are invigorated by the journey and delighted with your results.

I conduct candid, confidential, one-on-one executive coaching sessions, in person and by phone. I help you establish and practice new habits which accelerate the changes you want to bring about.

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[41-second video] Google’s Former CEO, Eric Schmidt, on Coaching: